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A new approach to colour selection
Arjowiggins's tool showcases the complementary of the colours and finishes of two iconic collections – Keaykolour and Curious Metallics

Arjowiggins has chosen to honour its iconic collections – Keaykolour and Curious Metallics – with a tool that showcases the complementary of the colours and finishes.

The new tool, designed by Arjowiggins's long-term partner North, is in the form of a dual box set, and highlights matching pairs of colours from the two ranges, as well as the complementarity of the two colour palettes, demonstrating a command of colour creation, development and matching. A clever die-cut design reveals the beautiful mass-dyed edges of each sheet and enables customers to change the top sheet to view different colour combinations.

Keaykolour is a collection of natural, wove textured, high-rigidity papers and boards in 48 sophisticated mid-tone colours, arranged in nine chromatically harmonised colour families. It also includes a choice of 100% recycled products as well as a range of 13 embossing patterns.

The Curious Metallics collection brings a shimmering lustre to eight coherent families of muted and natural tints, along with a small number of more resonant, contemporary colours, across a wide array of papers and boards.

The 48 colours of Keaykolour coupled with the 30 colours of Curious Metallics create a harmonious palette of nearly 80 colours that reveals the power of creative combinations between the refined, natural texture of Keaykolour and the ever-so-subtle shimmer of Curious Metallics.


The box set comprises a Keaykolour box and a Curious Metallics box, each holding a set of specially-designed loose sample cards which showcase each range in its entirety. Each box in the set can also be used individually. To really showcase the richness of the ranges, a choice of ten box colours are available for each range.

A selection of ten matching pairs of sample cards across the two ranges are printed with identical graphic designs using a variety of print techniques including embossing, foiling and offset. They showcase matching colour pairs across the Keaykolour and Curious Metallics ranges.

These new colour matching tools are available through Arjowiggins’ network of merchants and is available either as a set of two boxes or as individual boxes. Upon receiving this fun new tool customers are able to rediscover some of the iconic colours.

Design and photography: North (UK)
Produced by: AB Druka (Latvia)

Источник: SBO-PAPER.RU




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