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IGEPA’S Heaven 42 brand produced by Sappi as of January 2019
... in basis weights 115g/m2 to 400g/m2

Heaven 42 (which was initially launched in 2007)  is now being produced by Sappi through its sustainable manufacturing platform in Europe.

'As the owner of the Heaven 42 brand IGEPA wanted to ensure the long term availability and quality standards of the product and Sappi, as the leading producer of fine paper, was able to meet these stringent requirements and ensure continuity of supply', - Sappi said in a press release.

Heaven 42 absolute white offers a 155 CIE whiteness enabling vibrant colour reproduction combined with the distinctive haptic of a soft-mat surface in basis weights 115g/m2 to 400g/m2.

Flavio Froehli, Sales Director at Sappi said: ‘Sappi and IGEPA have a long and successful partnership, we are looking forward to supporting the brands future success by utilising Sappi’s leading manufacturing and service platform’.

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