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Last Stora Enso WFC papers now available
The last reels rolled out from PM7 in Oulu

The paper machines in Oulu have now ceased production. When Stora Enso announced the investment for Oulu Mill conversion, it promised to provide WFC papers to customers until the end of 2020 with deliveries to continue through Lumipaper NV and Lumipaper Ltd.

The last WFC reels rolled out from PM7 in the last weeks of September. This concludes the almost 30 years of paper production in Oulu. The PM6 started production in 1991 and PM7 in 1997. The Oulu Sheeting Plant was started in 1992. The Oulu paper machines were the biggest in the company and the speed of paper production broke the world records in the very first year when they were in production. In February 1998, PM7 ran at a world record speed (for this grade) of 1,330 m/min in average within 24 hours and even bettered the record to 1,430 m/min in November 1998.

Over the years Lumi papers’ quality became a benchmark in the industry. The high-quality Oulu products were produced with the same integrity to the very last pallet.

“I’m glad to share that the quality has remained on excellent level until the end of production and we will continue serving our customers from existing inventories until the end of 2020. I would like to use this opportunity to thank customers who have been with us so many years and stayed with us until the end of the wood free coated era“, says Heli Ristola, Head of WFC segment sales.

The Oulu Mill is currently being converted into kraftliner business and the plan is to start kraftliner production by the end of 2020.


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  • Lumi by Stora Enso…    [+]

    • Lumi by Stora Enso is a range of high-quality, woodfree coated (WFC) art papers for highly demanding image and text printing. Ideal for HSWO, sheet-fed offset and digital printing.

      Lumi is a woodfree, coated art paper that offers best-in-class functionality, sharpness, smoothness and natural whiteness, all hallmarks of exceptional visual impact. For highly demanding applications – and quality-conscious customers – you’ll find no better art paper than Lumi.

      Lumi delivers a superior surface, crisp colours and high brightness. This makes it perfect for luxury magazines, high-end catalogues, books with intricate illustrations, annual reports and art prints. A high performer even with digital printing techniques, Lumi combines excellent production values with ultimate versatility and flexibility in sheet-fed offset printing. All Lumi products offer excellent folding abilities - the benchmark in the industry (based on test results).

      Products in the Lumi family

      LumiArt: A high performance woodfree, multicoated gloss art paper for extremely demanding image printing.

      LumiSilk: A high performance woodfree, multicoated silk art paper for applications that require both images and text of an exceptionally high print quality.

      LumiForte: A high performance woodfree, coated matt paper with a non-reflective, naturally white surface.

      LumiPress Art: A high gloss art paper for the most demanding HSWO printing.

      LumiPress Silk: Art paper for the most demanding HSWO printing. Exceptional print evenness and gloss contras.

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