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New multicolor printing machine starts operating at Segezha Packaging plant in Achern (Germany)

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New printing equipment Allstein Hydro A 125-135 from the German manufacturer Allstein GmbH has been put into operation at the Segezha Group (part of PJSC Sistema) industrial paper packaging plant in Achern (Germany) - Segezha Packaging GmbH.

The new flexographic printing press will significantly enhance the printing quality and expand printing capacity of the plant. Amid the growing demand for products with complicated printing, the plant’s target is to improve the delivery time and accuracy while providing tailored solutions to customers’ specific needs.

Technical specifications of the printer will allow even the most demanding requirements to be satisfied. The machine is designed to print eight colors plus one. At the same time, the printing technique allows even those colors standing alongside each other in the color spectrum not to blend and remain clearly distinctive. The printer uses water-based ink, which is safe for people and environment. Operating procedures are tailored to ensure that changeovers are conducted in an expedited manner. To provide for continuous equipment operation, maintenance staff completed a four-week training on a new printing machine this May.

“The new state-of-the-art equipment will allow us to significantly enhance printing performance and expand the printing capacity of the plant. Considering the market trend toward more complex printing requirements, our aim is not only to meet but exceed the growing demand for high-quality flexo-printing among our clients” – Rinat Stark, CEO Segezha Packaging, said.

Among Segezha Packaging customers are the world leading producers of cement, building materials, chemicals, food products and animal feed. Paper packaging is produced from high-quality high porous semi-extensible kraft paper, which is made of 100% kraft pulp from Segezha PPM.

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