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Nippon Paper Industries will shut down two newsprint machines
Total printing & writing papers capacity reduction within two years - 764 000 tons (including newsprint 259 000 tons)

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., Japan (hereinafter «the Company») has announced price revisions for newsprint and plans to permanently shut down two of its paper machines.

Under the Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan (FY2018 to FY2020), the Company will further consolidate production facilities to reduce fixed costs by shutting down the No. 8 paper production machine at the Kushiro Mill and the No. 6 paper production machine at the Hokkaido Mill (Yufutsu).

Following the Plan Nippon Paper Industries set targets for printing & writing papers total capacity reduction by 764 000 tons (including newsprint 259 000 tons) within two years.

Nippon Paper Industries. The Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan

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