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Ilim will supply its products to all regions in China by 2024

On January 23, Ilim Group representatives participated in the event organized by Chinese partner – Chengdu Paperboard company –  in Sichuan province, China. 15 packaging plants (tobacco products, alcoholic drinks, food products, audio equipment, etc.) were invited to the meeting.

Alexander Lykhin, Vice-President, Head of the Beijing Representative Office of JSC Ilim Group, spoke about Ilim’s strategic plans to develop the supply of its products to the Chinese market, increase KLB and other products output, as well as expand the supply chain network to the Chinese regions. «Ilim has been building its reputation as a reliable supplier of KLB for 23 years: we have been improving the quality and expanding the basis weight mix, we have received international certificates required for export and food packaging, created numerous logistic opportunities for our partners, thanks to proximity of our mills to China. Bratsk Mill upgrade and a new KLB Line in Ust-Ilimsk will considerably increase high-quality KLB supplies to China. By 2024, our supply chain network will have covered all regions in China».

«Together with Ilim Group we have decided to develop the strategy aimed to establish a packaging materials supply chain network to Sichuan and Yunnan regions. Our fruitful cooperation gives us confidence in successful implementation of our future plans» – said Wang Xiaoju, President of Chengdu company.

The event was also attended by Zhou Shilin, Head of the Packaging Technology Association in Sichuan province, who supported the region business development initiative and referred to the need to improve the quality of packaging products, where Ilim Group could make an input.

In 2018, Ilim Group started to supply its products to Sichuan region on a regular basis, and over the next few years the supply volume will grow. Chengdu Paperboard company is the key partner of Ilim Group in Sichuan region (in particular, as a packaging supplier for Karlsberg brewery).

Ilim Group is one of the Top-10 Most Popular Market Pulp Brands in China. Ilim Group products are consumed by more than 500 mills in 20 regions of China. Ilim has had a representative office in China (Beijing) for 23 years. Over this period Ilim’s exports to China increased from 50 tons to 1.5 million tons. In 2018, Ilim Group management held a number of meetings with Asian partners. There was a big conference in Zhengzhou (Henan, China) in April and in Baodin in September. These meetings are aimed to expand the client portfolio, improve customer service quality and optimize supply, etc. Negotiations were held and by 2023, Ilim Group plans to increase its total exports to China by 60%.

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