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MagTreat® - new reagent for water treatment

«Russian Mining Chemical Company» LLC (RMCC), the producer of broad range of products based on brucite, unveils MagTreat®, a recently developed reagent for water treatment.

MagTreat® can be used in both primary and secondary treatment processes. Being a soft alkali, MagTreat® is safer and more effective than any of the traditional industrial alkalis. It is safe to use and can be used at all stages of municipal and industrial waters treatment, improving the whole process.

MagTreat® is an effective alternative to caustic and calcined soda and can be supplied in slurry or powder form. MagTreat® using offers a number of advantages, including effective pH control, increasing of the water alkalinity, reduction of heavy metals, enrichment with magnesium ions, high adsorption ability comparable to synthetic ion-exchange materials.

On July 12th Russian Mining Chemical Company has opened its 3rd processing plant for natural magnesium hydroxide in Vyazma, Smolensk region, Russia. This allows the company to increase annual capacity by 50 kt to 150 kt and meet an increasing demand from customers worldwide.

The capacity of the new plant allows the company to produce a special product for water treatment, designed for using as a filtering load in industrial and main filters - MagTreat® 2000. This fractionated crushed natural magnesium hydroxide with particle size 0.8-1.2 mm. Its productivity will be more than 160 tons per month. Fractional composition can be changed according to customer needs within 0.3-4.0 mm. MagTreat® 2000 is an effective alternative to calcium carbonate, dolomite and other natural filtering water treatment sorbing agents.

Natural reagents produced by Russian Mining Chemical Company are non-toxic, safe to handle for humans and nonhazardous for the environment.

For more information please contact:

LLC «Russian Mining Chemical Company»
Phone: +7 495 789 65 30
International Representative: +31 (0) 10 350 6206
RMCC’ experts will provide you with advice on the use of the product


Russian Mining Chemical Company, LLC

Russian Mining Chemical Company is a producer of broad range of products based on natural magnesium hydroxide – brucite. These magnesial products find application in different industry fields, including plastics, pulp bleaching, fertilizer production, wastewater treatment, metallurgy, glass production and others. Russian Mining Chemical Company manages a group of companies for the extraction, processing and sale of products based on brucite ore since 2002, improving the quality every year and expanding the range of products for various applications.

Russian Mining Chemical Company has an exclusive distributor at the territory of Europe, Middle East, North Africa, India and North America – company Europiren B.V. (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

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